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Finished: Arton’s Lifeguard Tower „Zuma“

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Watch the video to see this awesome piece of work and how my all time hero saved my life :):

Here are some pics of how they look in RL: Klick

Available in Arton’s shop:


Requires an up-to-date viewer.

[aR] Lifeguard Tower Zuma – (Land Impact: 43) – Footprint: 12.90m x 5.70m
[aR] Lifeguard Chair – (Land Impact: 2)
[aR] Rescue Board – (Stationary) (Land Impact: 2)
[aR] Venice Beach Trash Oil Drum – (Land Impact: 1) (2 Oil Drums linked = still 1 LI)
[aR] Beach Cone – (Land Impact: 1) (6 cones linked = 4 LI)

The [aR] Lifeguard Tower Zuma is all mesh, except for the two flags, which are regular prims to make them flexi.

The „[aR] Lifeguard Tower Zuma“ has a couple of scripted functions. The scripting is relying on a specific link order, and some functions rely on the towers scale as well.
It’s not recommended to link/unlink parts of the tower, or changing it’s size.

• Handmade LoDs (works perfectly with default viewer settings)
• Materials enhanced (Fully specular mapped – Requires Advanced Light Model)
• Several detailed props linked inside (Binoculars, Cell Phone, Whistle, Megaphone etc.)
• On Duty/Off Duty mode
• Adjustable ramp angle
• Access levels: Owner, Group, Whitelist (up to 15 avatars)
• Changing the towers number (1 – 99)
• Changing the ad display on the Rule Board
• Changing the main flag
• Show/Hide: Flags, Rescue Can, Lifeguard Chairs, Rescue Board
• and more…

All 2D/3D/Scripting by Arton Rotaru

Written by momola

7. Dezember 2013 um 14:40

Veröffentlicht in Second Life, SL Spielzeug :-)

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