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Dress by Nylon Outfitters

Hair by Epoque

Heels by N-Core

Glasses by HOC Industries

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28. Januar 2012 at 21:19

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Liposuction :)

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Written by momola

26. Januar 2012 at 10:01

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Let’s go and …

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… discover the right place for Arton’s Station Wagon :)

A vehicle sandbox.

Six sims with roads, runways and with different driving conditions perfect for testing all kind of vehicles.

Arton’s vehicle passed with distinction :)

Arton’s Marketplace Shop

Written by momola

22. Januar 2012 at 13:38

Tom Hanks on …

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… German Autobahn and Eisenhüttenstadt :) :)

I love him. He’s so funny …

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20. Januar 2012 at 10:54

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Swimsuit from „Avalon Design“

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Not the latest release and not the cheapest swimsuit to be found in SL, but nice: A leopard-swimsuit from „Avalon Design“.

Don’t miss to see the fantastic armaments at the first floor:  The Knight.

Written by momola

18. Januar 2012 at 14:58

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Fearless me

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Fearless me :)

Bathing cap, floating tire plus 10 poses from „StoRin“.

Written by momola

18. Januar 2012 at 13:47

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Mesh: „Expedition Hard Top SWB“ by Arton Rotaru

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As a follow-up to Arton Rotaru’s „Mesh Expedition Station Wagon“ and as a special customer request now the „Expedition Hard Top“  is finished and has been uploaded to SL’s Marketplace.

Requires a Mesh capable Second Life Viewer.

The „Mesh Expedition Hard Top“ is the short wheelbase version of my „Mesh Expedition Station Wagon“. It is fully functional. It drives physically. No avatar attachments (besides the Speedometer HUD). It has a land impact of 45. This is the amount this model will count against your parcel prim limit.

3 (!!!) versions of the car in one package.

Some of the features:

– 100 % Mesh
– Handmade LODs only
– Land Impact: 45
– Realistic 4WD Physics
– Handbrake
– Adjustable turn radius
– Hi and Low Gear mode (6 speeds in each mode)
– Working Doors, Wipers, Steering Wheel, Projection Lights (front, rear), Speedometer & Odometer (onboard & HUD), Direction Indicators
– Customizable License Plates & Door Logo (License Plate templates included)
– Driver + 4 passengers
– Access: Owner, Group, Everybody*
– Passenger eject function
– 11 Colors included
– Ground & Hover Mode
– Free Updates
– Rez Zone Finder included
– and more…
* When Access ist set to ‚Everybody‘, the vehicle will be temp as soon as the avatar starts to drive. The vehicle will delete itself when the driver stands up.

The features are the same as the big one has and can be seen in the video – link below.

Pictures and Links below.

Arton’s Marketplace-Shop.


Der „Mesh Expedition Hard Top“ ist die kürzere Radstand-Version von Arton’s voll funktionsfähigem „Mesh Expedition Station Wagon“.

3 (!!!) Varianten des Wagens sind im Paket.

Einige der Features:

Written by momola

16. Januar 2012 at 21:51