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aR Productions: Drinkwater Fountain Venice Beach

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• 100 % Mesh
• Handmade Level of Detail (Works perfectly with default viewer settings)
• Materials Enhanced (Requires Advanced Light Model)
• Male/Female drinking pose. (Adjustable sit position)
• Water particles & sound effect
• Land Impact: 2


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29. Oktober 2014 at 08:08

Oktober 2013

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Well done, Baby :-*

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13. Oktober 2013 at 03:47

Artons Phone Booth

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29. August 2013 at 20:39

Veröffentlicht in SL Home & Garden, SL Spielzeug :-)

Dollarbies: Meshgatchamania :) Only 1 L$ per try …

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Cute mesh items, 1 LI,  only 1 L$ per try.

Thanks to Walt Faulds :)

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10. Februar 2013 at 16:35

Searching for a Valentine gift?

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The perfect Valentine gift for your loved one :): Arton Rotaru’s „Quatrelle“:

This is one of those cars you’ll be proud to have. To have and to have fun with :)

The [aR] Quatrelle + Rallye Raid model is entirely modeled, painted, and scripted from scratch. It is built with handmade ‚Levels of Detail‘ only. It provides a compromise between land impact and visual quality. You DO NOT have to increase your RenderVolumeLODFactor and mess up your overall viewer performance, to view this model correctly, even from a distance far away.

The vehicle is fully functional. It drives physically. No avatar attachments (besides the Speedometer HUD).

To drive the car use arrow, or WASD and PageUp/PageDown keys as usual.

Land Impact [aR] Quatrelle v1.0: 43
Land Impact [aR] Quatrelle Rallye Raid v1.0: 45

– 100 % Mesh
– Handmade LODs only
– Normal and Cruise Control mode.
– LL Road Turn mode. (Easy to maneuver on LL roads.
– High and Low Gear mode (6 speeds in each mode)
– Working Doors, Wipers, Steering Wheel, Projection Lights (front, rear), Direction Indicators
– Speedometer & Odometer (onboard & HUD)
– Customizable License Plates & Door Logo (License Plate templates included)
– Driver + 3 passengers
– Access: Owner, Group, Everybody*
– Passenger eject function
– 18 Colors + Dirt
– Auto Dirt (Get dirty while driving)
– Various particle effects.
– Ground & Hover mode
– Show/Hide option for various extras. (e.g. Picnic Basket, Suitcase, Roof Rack, Jerry Cans etc.)
– Free Updates
– Rez Zone Finder integrated into the HUD. (Scans the region for public rezz zones)
– and more…

*When access is set to ‚Everybody‘, the vehicle will be ‚Temporary‘ as soon as the avatar starts to drive. The vehicle will delete itself when the driver stands up.

All 2D/3D/Scripting by arton Rotaru.

Available here:

More pics:

Matching accessoires:

Classic helmet:


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10. Februar 2013 at 10:14

Freebie: Sock knitting

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Free attachment with animation:

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16. Dezember 2012 at 02:26

Sway’s Angels …

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Sometimes even Angels get hungry :)

These cute angels in different heigths and looks will be available from tromorrow on, Dec 15th, at the „Together for Sway“-Event.

I will blog the SLURL to to the event as soon as possible.

The Christmas Market-Bratwurst-Hut (mesh) and „Arctos“, the snowman, were made by Arton Rotaru. Available on request.

And sometimes angels sing and bring so much joy in real life like this choir did in 2010 :) Goosebumps guaranteed :)

Written by momola

14. Dezember 2012 at 14:13