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[aR] Mudskipper PD 6×6 AATV v1.0

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Finished and available: Arton Rotaru’s Mudskipper PD 6×6 AATV – Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle.

The ‚Mudskipper PD 6×6 AATV‘ is an amphibious all terrain vehicle. It will swim automatically when driving into water. It has a Hover mode as well.

– 100% Mesh.
– Handmade LODs only.
– Drive, Swim, Hover.
– 2 Colors.
– LED Lightbar with various flash patterns.
– Customizable Decals (Hood/First Aid Case)
– Working Speedometer/Odometer (Onboard & HUD).
– Animated Water Propulsion System.
– Normal & Cruise Control mode
– LL Road Turn mode (easy to maneuver on LL roads)
– Projection Lights (Front/Rear)
– Various particle effects.
– Access: Owner, Group, Everybody*
– Free Updates
– Rez Zone Finder integrated into the HUD.
– And more…

The Mudskipper PD 6×6 AATV is available on the Marketplace:×6-AATV-v10/3912184

See the Mudskippers features here:

… and larger pics in my Flickr-Album:

The Mudskipper PD 6×6 AATV is available on the Marketplace:×6-AATV-v10/3912184

(Police uniform by Barerose Tokyo, without shades)

Written by momola

31. August 2012 um 16:21

Veröffentlicht in Second Life, SL Spielzeug :-)

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