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It must be a few months ago when I first read about LumiPro. LumiPro is a professional system for lighting in SL – perfect for photographers. When I read of the tons of features and possibilities LumiPro has, I was curious to see and test it.

But … to tell the truth …  after I noticed the price I wondered what the builder smoked when he set the price ^^ and I forgot LumiPro.

Until today.

Colleen Criss brought LumiPro back to my mind with a blogpost and so I tp’ed to the LumiPro mainstore to check everything out. Wow… A fully functional demo is available at the mainstore (works only in the mainstore).  Hm … I experimented a while with all the settings, buttons, bulbs and projectors.

To cut the matter short: My curiousity was back and was rewarded with lots of surprises ^^

I found this blog with some tutorials and an easy to understand manual. After reading everything I came back home with my LumiPro :)

This is my first pic with LumiPro. The pic is nothing to get excited about, but a first result after playing with windlight settings and after a few clicks. I like it. It is not edited, only cropped.

Go and check out (your?) LumiPro …

LumiPro Mainstore:

Written by momola

9. Juli 2012 um 18:00

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