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„Tamu“ – a new, fantastic outfit from „Severed Garden“. Complete with hat with attached ape and a flying butterfly, a nice parrot, sunglasses, binocular, chronograph, plaster, camera, mesh shorts, a wonderful scarf.

Background: Arton Rotaru’s Mesh Station Wagon:

– 100 % Mesh
– Handmade LODs only
– Land Impact: 47
– Realistic 4WD Physics
– Handbrake
– Adjustable turn radius
– Hi and Low Gear mode (6 speeds in each mode)
– Working Doors, Wipers, Steering Wheel, Projection Lights (front, rear), Speedometer & Odometer (onboard & HUD), Direction Indicators
– Customizable License Plates & Door Logo (License Plate templates included)
– Driver + 4 passengers
– Access: Owner, Group, Everybody*
– Passenger eject function
– 11 Colors included
– Ground & Hover Mode
– Free Updates
– Rez Zone Finder included
– and more…

*When „Access is set to ‚Everybody“, the vehicle will be ‚Temporary‘ as soon as the avatar starts to drive. The vehicle will delete itself when the driver stands up.

New in v1.3:
Light Bar
Sand Boards

New in v1.4:
More particle effects


Severed Garden

Arton Rotaru’s Station Wagon

Written by momola

3. Juni 2012 um 10:29

Veröffentlicht in Second Life, SL Mode

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