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[20:52] muffindog???: can i borrow L$800?
[20:52] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): sorry, today I only give 1.000. the 800-day was yesterday
[20:53] muffindog???: ok, you can give me L$1000 even though i need only L$800
[20:53] muffindog???: this is fine
[20:53] muffindog???: thanks a lot
[20:53] muffindog???: i pay you back in 3 days
[20:54] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): you are one day too late. so sorry. today is 1000-day
[20:55] muffindog???: ok pay me then
[20:55] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): come back the next 800-day
[21:00] muffindog???: ok when?
[21:00] muffindog???: i add u
[21:01] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): october 21st
[21:01] muffindog???: that too long
[21:01] muffindog???: need now
[21:01] Second Life: muffindog??? hat Ihnen 1 L$ bezahlt.
[21:02] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): thats not enough
[21:05] muffindog???: i love you
[21:06] muffindog???: ♥ u
[21:06] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): many others do so too
[21:07] muffindog???: sweet
[21:07] muffindog???: but i love you
[21:07] muffindog???: more
[21:07] muffindog???: and in a sexual manner
[21:08] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): believe me: I understand you
[21:08] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): my husband says he understands you too
[21:09] muffindog???: how cute
[21:09] muffindog???: can i moan for you on mic?
[21:10] Momo Rotaru (miefmupfel.willis): sure you can. but wait till I’m off.


Written by momola

15. Januar 2012 um 06:17

Veröffentlicht in My personal Funpics / Funstuff

4 Antworten

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  1. Excellent!

    Bahia Pessoa

    15. Januar 2012 at 09:54

  2. /me kriecht, immer noch prustend, mühsam wieder unter ihrem Tisch auf den Stuhl zurück.

    You made my day, Momo! XD

    Griseldis Exonar

    15. Januar 2012 at 12:11

  3. Wonderful, Momo. Classic.

    Now please come and wipe the keyboard, which is sprayed with coffee (it is coffee-spraying-keyboard day RIGHT NOW)


    16. Januar 2012 at 16:52

  4. love it!!! so funny <3

    Moriko Inshan

    16. Januar 2012 at 20:12

  5. looooll loved it!


    28. Januar 2012 at 06:50

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