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Winter in Second Life :)

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What does a SL-Landlord need in SL’s snowy winter days? Right!

Arton Rotaru’s Snowcat.

I never drove or flew a SL-Vehicle with such smooth and exact skills as the snowcat has.

The [aR] SNOWCAT is built out of 32 prims and can carry two avatars (Driver and one passenger).
Since Second Life server version 1.40, seated avatars no longer count against the prim limit for physical objects. So the [aR] SNOWCAT will work properly even with 32 prims + seated avatars. Anyway, the [aR] SNOWCAT is designed for only two avatars. A third avatar will be ejected automatically.

The handling of the [aR] SNOWCAT is pretty easy. It has a very powerful engine and climbs up every hill even in first gear.

– Menu driven
– 7 Speeds.
– Ground and Hover mode
– Guest driver option*
– Show or hide the front blade, the rear tiller, or the winch.
– Animated tracks.
– Different cam styles.
– Switch various lights on/off.
– Built in snow emitter.
– Particle effects.
– Changeable number on the cabin.
– Adjustable driver sit position.
– Eject passenger.
– Horn sound.
– Adjustable engine sound volume.

Permissions: Copy

*As long as the owner is seated on the passenger seat and the ‚Guest Driver‘ option is set to ‚YES‘, anybody can drive the snowcat.

Including a [aR] Rez Zone Finder v1.0 HUD attachment. It will find any public accessible parcels that have ‚Create Objects‘ and ‚Run Scripts‘ allowed for all residents. It will chat a list of Slurls with the available number of prims for each parcel. The minimum number of available prims and the number of listed Slurls are customizable.

See the snowcat in action on film in an epic adventure :)

Available here:

Other products made by Arton Rotaru:

Written by momola

25. November 2011 um 19:02

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