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Der nächste große Name, der aus SL verschwindet …

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„Reel Expressions“, formerly known als „Luth“ will close it’s doors.

Unbelievable. One of the first pose shops I visited four years ago.

Understandable the reasons.


Der nächste große Name, der aus SL verschwinden wird. „Reel Expressions“ – den „Alten“ unter uns besser bekannt als „Luth“ schließt seine Türen.

Alle Preise wurden um 50% reduziert. Schnäppchen sind es auch danach nock keine, aber die Auswahl ist riesig. Der Shop bleibt geöffnet, solange die Verkäufe die Tier einbringen.


Luth Brodie writes:

„So long and thanks for all the fish.

Login failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.

Absolutely brilliant. Rather fitting that when I try to log in for the first time in almost a year, this is the message I get.

The short version:
– Due to school/work/kung fu/life I haven’t had the time in almost a year to log in. Let alone make anything.
– Dropped all prices by 1/2.
– My store will be around until it no longer pays for the sim.
– If anyone is looking for 3/4 of a $195/month sim to rent, let me know.

They dropped by 1/2. No real reason other than I no longer take L$ out, it all goes towards paying the sim. It messed up my taxes last year – something about being self employed and not being able to get the big tax breaks for being a student – so in Jan I started to let it accumulate for the sim.

The store/sim:
I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever make any more poses. I don’t know if I’ll ever log in after today. I may still want to dink around if I ever get the time, but who knows. At this point in time, I’d rent the sim at cost if I could keep a small shop and workspace on the off chance I’d want to.

If not, I’ll either sell it or just give it up once the L$ runs out.

The personal bits:
Last fall, I took a full time job in the graphics department of an ad agency. As well as starting a graduate degree in game development. Lack of time and just a general disinterest in anything SL related ended up with me just not logging in since.

My first year of school was completed yesterday and I have a week until summer session begins to get things in order. I’m going from part-time to full-time so I’m going from almost no extra time to defiantly no time. Classes are oddly fun and a bit of a challenge, but I’m really enjoying programming. It’s nice to think mostly with the other side of my brain.

I had been thinking about this for a while now, but since I’ve been waiting all day for my new computer parts to arrive (hurry up UPS) I decided to go ahead. I suppose this way I won’t have to install SL.

Creating for SL was a big part of my life for 6 years. It was fun, thrilling, frustrating and annoying usually all at the same time. It was great to see SL grow and change over the years, but I think my time here is over.

Thank you all for the support.


Written by momola

11. Juni 2011 um 05:39

Veröffentlicht in Second Life, SL Mode, SL Spielzeug :-)

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