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„Wunderlich’s“ and „Fantasy Faire“

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New at „Wunderlich’s“:

„Medieval Vines“. From the notecard:

„Medieval Vines gown is part of my Renaissance / Medieval clothing line even if it is NOT exactly historically accurate. That however is mostly a fabric limitation, while the brocade used for the gown is a classical design, a fabrics geek will be able to tell you that it’s basically made from a misused Indian Saree. And while it’s possible that an European Noblewoman COULD have imported such a Saree, it’s unlikely that she would have used it to make a gown from it.

The dress, which you can find together with this notecard in you inventory after you bought it, consists of:
– one system shirt;
– system underpants, which are worn as glitch pants;
– a system skirt, which is worn beneath the prim skirt for better leg coverage while walking;
– a long prim skirt, which should always be worn with the long system underpants AND the system skirt;
– a headdress which works as a veil with a cap on top (this can be worn with the dress, but doesn’t need to be. Note that the headdress is NOT designed to wear any kind of prim hair beneath it.)“

„Medieval Vines“ is available in many differen colors at „Wunderlich’s“ – here shown in red:


„Wunderlich’s“ is also participant of the nine sim-event „Fantasy Faire“.

Taxi to „Fantasy Faire“

Written by momola

3. April 2011 um 03:27

Veröffentlicht in Second Life, SL Mode

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