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Firestorm: The Preview No. 2 is out

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This is not a Beta-Version. This is not a RC. It is a preview.

From the notecard:

„Phoenix-Firestorm Preview 2 v2.4.2.14915

IMPORTANT!! Uninstall previous Firestorm installations and make sure you install to a CLEAN EMPTY FOLDER! Do not overwrite an existing installation!


Linux Debian:
Linux Ubuntu:

Change log and known issues.

–    Radar Range limited to 400 meters (for now)
o    Age, Time since seen, Range
o    Double click> Name to cam
o    Radar reports to chat when avs enter/leave chat range
    Prefs>Firestorm>Chat
•    (Known issue: People panel needs to be open)
o    Radar reports to chat when Avs enter/leave draw distance
    Prefs>Firestorm>Chat
•    (Known issue: People panel needs to be open)
o    Right click> Name>
    View profile
    Add friend
    Remove friend
    IM
    Call
    Map
    Share
    Pay
    Block/Unblock (mute)
    Offer teleport
    Teleport to (known issue when either are above 1024)

–    Legacy style Blue dialogs

–    V1 style Legacy profiles on other avatars

–    Right click menu in text editors>cut/copy/paste/select all/delete

–    Media filter for added security
o    Prefs> Sound & Media>  “Enable Media Filter”

–    Let scripts control my play button for added security
o    Prefs> Sound & Media> “Allow scripts to play media”

–    Inventory Right click > wear options
o    You can now wear an entire folder at once, if the folder contains attachments it will replace any currently worn                  on the attachment slots
o    The folder may contain multiple attachments on the same point, they will all be worn.

–    Friend Online/Offline notifications in chat
o    Prefs>Firestorm>Chat> “Friend on/off-line notices to nearby chat”

–    Lots of translation UI fixes

–    “:” as a synonym for “/me”
o    Prefs>Firestorm>Chat

–    Auto close ((OOC)) parenthesis
o    Prefs>Firestorm>Chat

–    Dynamic positioning to stats bar parcel info

–    Nearby chat button flashes on new messages now

–    Rez under land group
o    Prefs> Firestorm> General> “Always res objects under land group”

–    Firestorm preferences Panels (still in progress)

–    Completed Shared parcel Windlight
o    Prefs> Firestorm>Windlight>

–    Chat bar as Command line
o    Prefs>Firestorm>CmdLine

–    Allow clicking self profile picture to pull up texture picker

–    Ctrl-Shift-I now properly toggles people floater

–    Improved compatibility with starlight skins for Firestorm Features

–    Group notices are now drag-able

–    Avatar name on window title (Windows only for now)

–    Accordions replaced with tabbed layouts in most all panels for improved usability.

–    A lot of cleaning up, sorting, bug fixes to all panels inc

–    Group UUIDS and Copy group SLURL in Group profiles

–    Resizable camera floater with fixed highlights

–    Basic derender functionality
o    Right click> Remove> Derender

–    Stream song and artist information in chat

–    Fixed issues with friend list and friend permissions in conversations floater not being the same as in the people            panel

–    Updates to GPU Table for supporting more video cards new and old

–    Changed Top Panel favorites, location and search bar to stretch across the screen due to issues with huds

–    Hide your lookat and point-at crosshair options in prefs
o    Prefs>Privacy> “Don’t send my …”

–    Visual improvements to minimap

–    LargeAddressAware builds for systems with more memory

–    Right click > Edit on inventory items

–    True disable camera constraints
o    Prefs>Move & View> “Allow greater camera freedom”

–    Ability to open cache, chat logs, crash logs and settings folder locations buttons.
o    Prefs> Network & Cache>
    (Known issue: Only works on windows currently)“

Written by momola

23. März 2011 um 20:10

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