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The s(L)ecret of beauty …

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Sorry, I just could’nt help it.

Written by momola

12. März 2011 um 15:10

3 Antworten

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  1. Is this supposed to be a joke ? or are you seriously holding up these images to be made fun of? and if so not only are you being insulting to the people in the pics, but also the creators that made what they are showing.

    I am really shocked if this is some kind of nasty ridicule of these people.

    Sasy Scarborough

    12. März 2011 at 18:55

  2. This is not a joke. These are pics I saw in different blogs in the last weeks. If I remember right they were in blogposts about skins. The pics shocked me first and then they made me laugh. Sure: We don’t need barbies that all look the same. But I don’t understand, why bloggers blog such faces in a beauty-context. Why they blog hanging-to-knees-mouth corners, squinting eyes, pretend to be pouty-mouths that are way to small to be pretty and look like a rubber dingy. That is not beauty. In my opinion.


    12. März 2011 at 19:15

  3. momola

    31. März 2011 at 16:21

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