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News from „Garden of Dreams“

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♥ Valentine’s day  is coming on Monday, the 14th of February this year.
And as you all know: We in Garden of dreams believe, that every day in SL should be a day to tell your loved ones how you feel, and spend time with that someone that touches your heart.
So we try to keep the flame of love burning and have some cool activities, promotion sales and contests in the 2 weeks around this date to help you a little bit with ideas of how you can express your feelings. ♥

Plan A
Buy something romantic and have a great day at your home with him or her together.
Snuggle, cuddle or more *coughs*  and have the perfect private location with one of the reduced Cuddle/Sex- items of Garden of dreams. From 02/08 -02/18 we have a special valentine’s promotion sale!
All vendors with a special heart sign are 50% off!

Plan B
How about spending a very romantic day at Garden of dreams? With taking him or her out to the awesome decorated Ballroom at Garden of dreams2.
The experienced live Djane Kristina Simon will play the most romantic songs for you and your darling!  Formal wear required! (and Newbs can get formalwear for free at our shop in GOD2! Don’t be shy! )

Request your favorite lovesong and ask the djane to tell your darling how much you love her or him. (in english or german! )  She will send your lovemessages even with a simmessage! Tell it to the world if your heart is full with someone’s name. AWWWW <3

When? Valentine’s day- February, the 13th.  (<—We are a european sim. This is when  our  valentine’s day starts :)
Start: 2pm Gametime- ends when the djane falls asleep…  ;)

Plan C
You have found someone special in the Garden of dreams? Had a very romantic moment? Please tell it to us! We would love to see the pics! Garden of dreams wants to know what happened to you here. And we run a contest for it!

We would love to see your pics  posted on flickr. Please join the group:
and send us your photo taken in Garden of dreams. (Don’t forget us to tell your SL Name!)
Maybe explain a bit what happened but its not a must. You can work with any program like Photoshop or Gimp on your picture, but be warned: A good story and a nice not to artificial pic may win to give someone not so professional a chance too.
The winner pictures will be shown at Garden of dreams with your name and a link to your flickr account and of course get posted on our blog:

And ….

the 1. prize is a Huge set of our Dreamscene Skyboxes! Which means you really win 28 skyboxes in one portable system! A price worth 40 000 Lindens! Really, not kidding!  Plus we pay the winner 5000 Lindens extra!

the 2. prize is a set of 10 Skyboxes of your choice of our Dream scene system. And a price of 2000 Lindens cash.

the 3. prize is a set of 5 Dream scene-skyboxes of your choice.

and we know it.. you know it..
OMG, we will have sleepless nights to decide who wins!
So we will give out 10 times a dreamscene of your choice for the places 4-14. 14??  Yes 14! We celebrate the valentine’s day and this is 14th of February! So don’t miss to celebrate it with ~*GOD*~ Garden of dreams!

The contest will be closed at 02/16/2011 and we will announce a winner when our Promo -sale ends: February, 18th we will have a blast of a party with the participants and the winners in Garden of dreams!

Garden of dreams

Written by momola

12. Februar 2011 um 05:46

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